Throughout both good and bad weather conditions, it’s critical to have running electricity in your home and business. In order to keep cool in hot temperatures, have adequate lighting throughout, and have a safe, secure property, electricity is required. Those of us living in Southern Louisiana know not to take electricity for granted — particularly, in tropical storms, when thousands can lose power for days, if not weeks. The best way to prepare for dangerous conditions is to have a backup source of electricity, such as a generator. 

Historically, hurricane season in Louisiana is known to start in June, but based on recent weather patterns, National Public Radio states tropical storm warnings may occur in May, several weeks before the official start of the hurricane season.1

With that in mind, this could lead to long periods of time without power for many households and businesses affected by the storms. Preparing in advance for such weather conditions is the key to surviving the conditions that could follow; for many, this means investing in a generator.  

Smart Investment 

In the case of an emergency, if it means saving you hundreds or even thousands, generators are worth the cost. The sense of security, stability, and safety that it can provide for your family or your business is an unbeatable value. In fact, given the amount of money that goes into a home or business, it helps in protecting that prior investment. Through Keefe’s, generator installation near New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding area is available. 

Depending on the property, there are various generators to choose from, including portable  generators and whole home standby generators. Portable generators are serviceable for those renting or looking for a temporary need. It is important to note that these will not start automatically in the case of an emergency, but they are an option for many. Meanwhile, whole home standby generators are ideal for sustainability in the long-run, and they require less maintenance, making these a preferred choice amongst homeowners and business owners. 

To ensure your equipment is ready for any upcoming weather conditions, maintenance plans and generator repairs are available, as needed, through Keefe’s. Luckily, generators are becoming more affordable, and installation is always easy with Keefe’s! For more information, contact us today!