One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your life is how and where to continue your education after graduating from high school. There are many options readily available to students of varying academic backgrounds. As college education becomes increasingly expensive, many students are looking towards trade schools to continue their education. Watch the former host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, discuss some of the reasons why many are choosing trade schools over colleges right here.

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The following comparisons offer some insight into why considering vocational training may be beneficial to many students.

Cost Comparison

As previously mentioned, the cost of enrolling in a university has increased dramatically over the last two decades. In most cases, students end up taking out large student loans to attend college. These loans can add up, with borrowers owing tens of thousands of dollars after graduating. With the addition of interest on student loans, the cost of higher education has become out of reach for many, taking years, if not decades, to pay back.

Trade schools are still reasonably priced for what they offer. Yes, the cost of vocational training is dependent on the program and school. Yet, for the most part, they provide an affordable alternative to racking up debt in the processing of obtaining a college degree.

Length of Time to Receive a Degree

Another factor to consider is the length of time it takes a student to obtain a degree compared to the time it takes to complete vocational training. To receive a bachelor’s degree, you must complete four years of education. A student will be required to take courses not applicable to their field of study in order to meet credits requirements for the college. This doesn’t take into account that you might pursue your education further, which would necessitate even longer to acquire a master’s or doctorate in your chosen field.

On the other hand, a vocational school offers you the opportunity to earn a vocational certification or degree in as little as six months with accelerated learning. In fact, most studies at a trade school require no more than two years to complete. This gives you the ability to join the workforce much sooner than if you were enrolled in a college or university.

Job Placement and Career Potential

The success you have finding employment after graduating from college is dependent on the field in which you received your degree. While some fields of study can yield a job in a matter of months, in other areas, graduating students struggle to find employment. When you further your education by enrolling in a university, you are taking a chance that you might not be able to find work after receiving your four-year degree.

Most reputable trade schools assist with or offer direct job placement following completion of your vocational training. Normally, technical schools have fostered long-standing relationships with local businesses looking to hire new talent. This can expedite the process for students when looking for placement in their professional field of choice.

Trade schools are becoming increasingly popular with those that wish to expand their career horizons. They offer training in essential fields of work at an affordable cost to students. When thinking about your professional future, it is beneficial to consider all the advantages of attending a vocational school over obtaining a college degree.

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