As the temperature rises in Louisiana, it is essential that your home remains as comfortable as possible. In the midst of the summer heat and the high demand for air conditioning, your AC requires a lot of power to work efficiently. However, this also means that your AC unit is running more and more, ultimately raising your electric bill. 

Let’s look at why your air conditioning system consumes so much power and how you can save on AC energy costs this summer.


Why Your System Is Consuming More Power

Your AC requires a lot of power, especially when the heat outside is raging hot, and for a good reason. To understand better, think about how air conditioners work. Air conditioning units pull in all the hot air, cools it, then releases it back into your home. The hotter the temperature, the more work the different components in your system have to do to cool your home. If you keep your AC running all day to beat the heat, you will use more energy.

Another reason your system is using a lot of electricity is because of internal damages. Without regular maintenance, AC systems can experience issues with refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, compressors, and more. When these parts aren’t fixed, or your system is too old, your AC requires a lot of power to keep running, but it still won’t be working efficiently. 

How to Save Money This Summer

Just because your system is working harder this summer doesn’t mean you can’t save money. As Louisiana’s air conditioning experts, Keefe’s knows a thing or two about saving on AC energy costs. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your home cool and affordable.

  • Upgrading your system: If you have an outdated system, consider purchasing a new energy-efficient air conditioner that will help lower your energy bills.
  • Regular maintenance: To keep your air conditioner efficient, schedule regular maintenance to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Change the temperature: When you are planning on not being home for a long period of time, set your thermostat to a higher temperature to save on AC energy costs. 
  • Correct sizing: It is vital to have the right size AC unit for your home. If it is too big or small, you can see changes in your energy bill.
  • Utilize your ceiling fans: Keep your fans running to circulate your indoor air and keep rooms cool so you can set your AC to a higher temperature.

Offering the best air conditioning products in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, Keefe’s can guarantee you will be satisfied with our services and options. If you feel that your AC requires a lot of power even when it isn’t too hot out, don’t hesitate to contact us to inspect your unit and get your air conditioning running like brand new to help you save on AC energy costs!