When choosing a backup power solution for your home, it’s important to be aware of your options so you can make the best decision for your needs. Standby and portable generators are the two most common generator types chosen by homeowners. Each of these devices has its own set of pros and cons, which means it’s crucial to be familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s how standby and portable generators measure up to each other.


If you prefer a simple, hassle-free installation process, a portable generator may be the better choice for you. As its name implies, a portable generator can be carried around wherever you go, which means there’s no installation required. A standby generator, on the other hand, is permanently installed onto your home and requires professional assistance. It is also the more powerful system of the two, perfect for helping us get through the infamous New Orleans hurricane season. 


Standby generators may require more work during the installation process, but they’re typically easier to maintain in the long run. These generators are fueled with natural gas or liquid propane, while portable generators are fueled with gasoline. This means that portable generators must be refueled on a regular basis, while standby generators require no refueling at all.


When you invest in a new generator, you want to get the most out of it, whether you need it to power your water heater or your air conditioner. Standby generators can power more appliances than portable generators, including lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, electric stoves, water heaters, and more.

Meanwhile, portable generators can only power appliances that are plugged into an extension cord, which must be connected to the generator itself. Unfortunately, this severely limits the number of items that can run with a portable generator.


Standby generators are designed to start up automatically when there’s a power outage. However, the only way to turn on a portable generator is by manually activating the pull cord. Because this process is not automatic, it’s important to be prepared for an emergency if you own a portable generator.

To ensure that your generator is working properly, call Keefe’s for a maintenance service today. We can keep your unit in optimal condition, whether you choose a standby or portable generator. In fact, we can handle all your electric needs, including electrical panel upgrades, in New Orleans, LA. Contact us for more information.