Although the summer is slowly but surely winding down, the warm and humid climate that Louisiana, especially New Orleans and the surrounding regions, is infamous for will stick around for a little while longer, which means most local homeowners still need a functional air conditioner handy. If you’re planning on scheduling an air conditioning installation soon, you need to do some serious research into which type of air conditioner is best for your home. We’ll get you started right here. 

Greater Savings

As a homeowner, you’re always searching for ways to save more money on your utility bills. That usually means setting the thermostat at a higher temperature than you prefer in the summertime. But did you know that ductless air conditioners can let you enjoy maximum comfort without breaking the bank? 

Ductless AC units use substantially less energy than traditional central air systems, so your utility bills may decrease as much as 30 percent! Those are the kinds of great savings we love to offer clients.

Increased Comfort

When it comes to indoor air conditioning, one thing is for sure across all New Orleans homes: every member of the household has different comfort levels. What’s comfortable for the parents might not be comfortable for the children and, thus, the war for control of the thermostat wages on. 

That’s not the case with ductless AC. Since mini-split units are installed in each room of the house, creating different temperature zones, everyone has control over the climate of their own room. Ductless AC offers a flexible solution to indoor comfort and ensures the whole family is satisfied. 

Go Green

Installing a ductless AC system in your home is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint. How so? Consider this. 

Quick and Easy Installation

When you’re upgrading or installing a new air conditioning system in New Orleans or the surrounding areas, you hope that it’s completed as quickly as possible! After all, the humid climate is uncomfortable and possibly dangerous to survive without a powerful air conditioner. Thankfully, ductless AC systems can be installed fairly quickly as long as you have a reliable and trusted air conditioning company performing the installation because they don’t require any ductwork. To learn more or to schedule your next AC services in greater New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish, Baton Rouge or any other nearby areas, contact Keefe’s today!