Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Air Conditioning Installation in New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas

You don’t need us to tell you that living through a Southeast Louisiana summer without a high-functioning central or ductless air conditioner is pure misery. But just like any other appliance, Father Time takes its toll on your home’s cooling system, and putting off an air conditioning replacement will end up costing you — both in terms of money and comfort. Don’t roll the dice and put your family at risk for an AC breakdown in the middle of a brutally hot and humid summer’s day!

When it’s time for an AC system replacement in New Orleans or any of the surrounding communities, count on Keefe’s to provide the area’s best air conditioning installation services. Whether you have — or would like to get — a central air conditioner or a ductless mini split system, our AC installation experts can outfit your home with the highest-quality, cutting-edge air conditioning equipment on the market.  


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If your home’s cooling system has reached the end of the line, investing in a new central air conditioner or ductless AC system will pay big dividends in the long run — but only if you choose the right installation team. With Keefe’s, you can always count on a job done right, and with our lifetime labor warranty, there’s no reason to turn to any other HVAC company. 

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Why Choose Keefe’s for Your Install?


What do we mean by a “guarantee”? When you choose Keefe’s for your air conditioning replacement, we give you a lifetime labor warranty on all equipment. So if something ever goes wrong with your system, you get complimentary air conditioning repair service

That’s right! We will fix your AC for free!

Find out why we’ve been the leading air conditioning installation and replacement company in the metro New Orleans area for more than 40 years. If your AC unit is past its prime, contact us for installation services today. 


In addition to the best products from industry-leading brands such as Lennox, Keefe’s offers customers all of the following advantages when it comes to air conditioning installation or replacement:

  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Certified, Trained Technicians Who Treat You Like Family
  • Great Financing Options
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans to Help Extend the Life of Your Central or Ductless Air Conditioner
  • The Most Energy-Efficient and Green Options for Cooling Your Home
  • And Best of All: Our Ultimate Guarantee on New AC Installations!


Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement


The typical AC system should last around 15 years before replacement is necessary — or around 20 years, if you have a ductless mini split AC system. However, poor installation or lack of regular AC maintenance services can drastically shorten the lifespan of a system. When you start to notice signs of decline, it’s important not to ignore them, or you could face the horrible scenario we mentioned earlier: A Louisiana summer without AC!

ac installation new orleans

If you spot any of the following warning signs, call your local air conditioning installation experts to come take a look.

  • Air conditioner is blowing warm air
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Weak airflow through vents
  • Pooling water around the AC unit or other signs of leakage
  • High levels of humidity in the home
  • Strange noises coming from the AC system
  • Unusual odors coming from the AC system
  • High energy bills
  • Frequent repairs

Do all of the above mean that you absolutely need an air conditioning replacement? Not necessarily. They are, however, reasons to call the AC unit installation team at Keefe’s. We’ll stop your cooling problems in their tracks and give you informed recommendations on whether a new air conditioning installation is the best choice for your family.