You can change the AC filters as directed, follow all of the necessary maintenance steps, never skip a professional air conditioning service, yet still find yourself fighting with your AC unit one summer after another. Even if you do everything right, there comes a time when your air conditioner is simply too outdated and inefficient to handle another New Orleans summer. Has the time come to bid your current system adieu and upgrade to a newer model? 

Take a look at these red flags to see if you should look into saving on a new, efficient A/C unit!

Keefe’s Comfort Consultants are available to perform AC replacements for New Orleans, Northshore, Southshore, Westbank, Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Although most homeowners dread this process, we promise your AC replacement and installation will be a breeze (no pun intended). We offer energy-efficient products that meet your comfort needs and stay under budget to provide you with the best value!

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