Electrical Repair

Home Electrical Repair in the New Orleans Metro Area

If something goes awry with your electricity, it is vital to get a professional’s assistance as soon as possible. Luckily, one of the many services we offer at Keefe’s is residential electrical repairs. Our repair services throughout New Orleans are essential to maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment.


Lighting Repair

Lights aren’t easy to replace on your own. If a bulb explodes, a light socket isn’t working, or your harder-to-access lighting malfunctions, it’s imperative to call a professional electrician for help. Our home electrical repair service is perfect for taking on a lighting job of any magnitude.

Some of the many types of lighting repairs that we can do include:

Whenever something goes wrong with your lighting, don’t hesitate to call our team and set up an appointment for our quality repair services.

Ceiling Fan Repair

In the same vein as lighting, ceiling fans and their lighting are crucial to many households. Our team of technicians handling home electrical repairs is guaranteed to fix your ceiling fan quickly and efficiently. We understand how troublesome ceiling fans can be, especially when they suddenly malfunction. Changing the ceiling fans’ lights is also quite a chore and can be dangerous, so we recommend booking our team for ceiling fan repairs as soon as possible.

Electrical Outlet Repair

Nothing is more dangerous to your family than malfunctioning wall outlets. While an average person can fix some wall outlet malfunctions, it’s especially important to contact a professional if you have no clue what to do.

With many electrical outlets that seem to need repairs, your electricity’s circuit panel is the cause for concern. While you potentially just have blown a fuse, it is important to receive professional assistance from our residential electrical repairs technicians in finding the particular issue.

Some of the many electrical outlet repairs we conduct can include but aren’t limited to:

Power Outages

Closely associated with issues focused on outlets, power outages can cause a lot of electrical problems to happen all at once. Whether it be a thunderstorm, a downed power line, or something unknown to you, our residential electrical repair services are crucial to restoring normality in these unpredictable situations.

Some of the many ways we can help prepare you for and assist during power outages include:

Get Your Home Electrical Repair Service Done Today!

Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your circuit panel, have sockets that aren’t functioning, or need to prepare and repair your electrical system for potential power outages, getting professional help is essential. Scheduling service with a Keefe’s electrician is the first step to getting all residential electric repairs done right.

Our team can handle electrical installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance, so whatever issues arise, Keefe’s electricians can help. We strive to provide you with amazing customer service by being timely and efficient in all of our processes to avoid wasting your time and letting you continue with life as usual.

Contact us today for more information on our residential electrical repair services in the New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

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