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If there’s one thing in your house that never sleeps or takes a break, it’s your electricity. Every hour of every day, your electricity works hard to keep you and your family comfortable and safe while at home. You probably take it for granted since you’re so used to the conveniences it provides you with on a daily basis, but without electricity, you wouldn’t be able to preserve food in the fridge, cook a nice meal for your family, wash your laundry or dishes, watch TV, or use many other home appliances and devices that you rely on. 

To keep your electricity flowing freely and safely throughout your home, you need to hire a licensed residential electrician for all necessary services. It just so happens that your favorite comfort consultants at Keefe’s can provide top-notch electrical services throughout New Orleans and the surrounding communities.

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Licensed and Qualified Electricians for Residential Electrical Services

Your electrical grid is powerful and dangerous enough to cause serious damages if left in the hands of someone who is untrained, unlicensed, and unqualified. It’s why we don’t recommend homeowners taking on their own electrical repairs when you can hire a Keefe’s technician for an incredibly affordable price instead. 

Throughout New Orleans, our electrical crew is held to the highest standards. We make our customers’ health and safety our top priorities, and this is reflected through our services. With Keefe’s, you will only be dealing with licensed technicians who are expertly-trained, experienced, and more than qualified to handle all electrical work. We take the utmost precautions to ensure that your home is safer than we found it. 

Take a look at the electrical services and products that we offer below:

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Generator Installations and Maintenance Available at Keefe’s

In some parts of Louisiana, having a backup generator is almost as important as having a refrigerator. Once hurricane season comes around, almost everyone is vulnerable to power outages and electrical surges. Instead of living without power for hours, or sometimes days, why not ride out the storm in the full comfort of your home by installing a backup generator?

Keefe’s is a Briggs & Stratton certified dealer, so we have access to some of the best home generators on the market. No matter what size home you own or how much electricity your family uses on a daily basis, we guarantee that we have a generator that can fulfill all of your needs at astonishingly affordable prices. Ask your Keefe’s technician for more information the next time they visit your home for an electrical service.

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Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties from an outdated electrical panel or you need an electrical inspection for your new home, all you have to do is schedule a service with a Keefe’s electrician. Our team is trained to handle all manners of electrical installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We also strive to provide you with first-class customer service by respecting your time, bringing our A-game, and not leaving until you’re 100% satisfied with our electrical services

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