You may think that your weekly cleaning routine accounts for every important element in your home, but do you include the purification of your indoor air on that list? It comes as a surprise to most homeowners that their indoor air is filled with more contaminants than outdoor air. Of course, you can’t see all the harmful air particles polluting your indoor air, but they’re surrounding you and affecting your health regardless. It’s time to take charge and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) today!

What Causes Poor IAQ?

How Can I Test IAQ in My Home?

You shouldn’t jump the gun and buy every IAQ solution on the market (although that might guarantee that your IAQ surpassed all others for sure). First, you have to know what you’re dealing with. All homeowners have different pollutants they’re looking to eliminate. Perhaps everything in your home is powered by electricity, so you’re not worried about carbon monoxide leaks. Then, it wouldn’t make sense to buy IAQ solutions designed for the removal of harmful gasses emissions. 

The first step you need to take is to test your indoor air to discover exactly what particles are the main perpetrators. To do this, you can purchase an air quality monitor that will test for and measure the amounts of different pollutants. You should also purchase a separate radon detector and conduct your own mold growth test. 

Or you can skip the hassle of testing your own indoor air quality by hiring a team of experts to do it for you! The Keefe’s team has experienced and reliable IAQ technicians who can perform a full inspection of known (and some unknown) IAQ contaminants. We’ll provide you with a personalized list of IAQ solutions that fit your current AC and heating systems based on the results of your test as well. 

How Do I Naturally Purify IAQ?

A great starting point for improving the current quality of your indoor air is using natural solutions! These “home remedies” will not eliminate specific contaminants, but they will promote an overall healthy indoor environment. 

  • Crack Open a Window: There’s a reason this phrase is older than both you and I. Trapping air indoors can cause pollutants and bacteria to multiple right under your nose. Open your windows to introduce some fresh air into your home. 
  • Clean Your Home: Dust and bacteria don’t just sit on dirty appliances or surfaces. They can be airborne too. Make sure you’re cleaning your carpets, floors, and other surfaces frequently. 
  • Change Your Air Filters: Air filters are supposed to trap debris, so it doesn’t enter your HVAC system. However, when these filters become dirty and clogged, the dust can easily circulate back throughout your house.
  • Eliminate Harmful Chemicals: We own a lot of products that contain harmful chemicals, from disinfecting solutions to hairspray. Let’s be cognizant of the part we play in indoor air pollution and use natural products whenever possible. 
  • Introduce Some Foliage: Plants can act as natural air purifiers and provide your family with fresh air. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can find certain plants that don’t require too much upkeep. 
  • Adjust Humidity Levels: Your home requires a delicate balance of humidity levels to remain healthy. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mold-growth, but too little can affect your comfort. Find the right balance by introducing a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home. 

Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

You’ve probably been debating this question for some time now. While natural remedies are helpful, they don’t necessarily treat the problem at hand. If you have excessive amounts of VOCs or allergens in your home, you need a professional solution. 

Click here to view a short video about Air Scrubber technology.

Air purification technology may be a little pricier, but the results are worth it. Quality IAQ solutions, like Keefe’s Air Scrubber Plus , are equipped with advanced technology which is designed to not only capture, but also neutralize indoor air pollutants using UVC light. Experts don’t make these claims lightly — legitimate IAQ products have been tested and proved to be effective in reducing bacteria, mold, dust, and other airborne toxins. You can’t put a price on your health and comfort. 

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